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All key information on the mineral raw materials sector in one single place.

The Repository of the International Raw Materials Observatory encompasses an extensive database which allows our members to analyse the global mineral raw materials sector, comprising both historical data and the latest trends.

As an exclusive service for our members, we save information compiled in the fortnightly publication “World Barometer” with a long-term view and make it searchable through different filters such as the field of interest, geographical area, commodity or publication date.

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The Repository is a database of the documents collected in the course of the EU funded INTRAW project, as well as documents generated by the project participants. These documents cover the whole scope of the project. Some are held in digital form (most as PDF files) within the database itself and may be viewed online or downloaded for later use. Others are available online in digital form elsewhere and links are provided to these. Yet others are not available online but may exist as digital files or on paper within the INTRAW Observatory or in institutions or companies elsewhere.

In addition, the Repository saves sector-relevant information provided through multiple external sources by safeguarding the contents of the Observatory’s fortnightly publication “World Barometer” with a long-term view and making them searchable by different filters.

The Repository database provides a set of document discovery tools, allowing search and browse options. Documents are indexed by metadata elements (such as field of interest, geographical and commodity) and by keywords, and searchable abstracts are provided - often as abstracts or executive summaries taken directly from the individual documents or sources of information.

INTRAW documents are either of general interest or are in one of seven categories:

Other sources of information

MineralS4EU The Minerals4EU (Minerals Intelligence Network for Europe) project co-funded by FP7 programme, has established the EU Minerals Intelligence Network structure, comprising European minerals data providers and stakeholders, and delivered the European Minerals Knowledge Data Platform (EU-MKDP), a European Minerals Yearbook and foresight studies. EU-MKDP includes a portal that offers easy access to all available and new data related to mineral resources. In addition to a map service displaying the mineral deposits and mines in Europe, the portal also provides occurrence-specific documents related to mineral materials, enabling users to make their own analyses from a huge amount of data. The European Minerals Yearbook developed in Minerals4EU helps users to allocate and prioritise mineral-related research and projects. The yearbook includes statistics (production, import, export, mineral resources, ore reserves, mineral exploration, etc.) about more than 65 primary minerals in 40 European countries. Regarding secondary raw material, the data is organised into 13 categories that represent mineral-based waste flow.
CRM_InnoNet Substitution of critical raw materials.
EGDI European Geological Data Infrastructure.
EIT-KIC Raw Materials Turning the challenge of raw materials dependence into a strategic strength for Europe.
EO-MINERS Earth Observation to improve best practice in mining.
ERA-MIN2 Research & Innovation Programme On Raw Materials To Foster Circular Economy.
EuroGeoSource Aggregated geographical information on geo-energy and mineral resources.
i2Mine The Intelligent Deep Mine of the Future.
MINVENTORY Directory of statistical data holders on stocks and flows of primary and secondary raw materials.
EURare Development of a European Rare Earth Element (REE) industry for uninterrupted supply of REE raw materials and products.
ProMine Stimulate the extractive industry to deliver new products to manufacturing industry.
RMIS Raw Materials Information System.
IRP International Resource Panel Working Group on Global Metal Flows.